Liza Konovalov is a Big Stinky Lizard disguised as a human being. She is a multidisciplinary artist who works with ceramics, collage, wood, painting, beading, assemblage, and found objects. Her work can be found on instagram at @bigstinkylizard

Since when did art become too pretentious, too serious, too full of itself, to play? Its almost become a radical notion to attempt to make art fun.

The artworks celebrate aesthetic clutter and visual fullness, to create moments of gleeful overabundance. Kitsch is used as a visual language to create art that can be accessed and understood, in an effort to democratize the consumption of art in a way the White Cube doesn’t allow.

She curates objects that carry meaning not just at face value but because of the relationship we build with them, and the history they carry. Though your grandmother’s doilies don’t have that sleek finish they carry the history of her hands having made them, and the memory of their place in her home. There is the sentimental value that we as people place into the objects we accumulate throughout our lives. And it’s through this nostalgia that a space for resistance is carved out. 


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